Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Do List: Review

This is more a weekly or biweekly or even monthly type of thing, but it's still on the to do (at least you should have it on your to do)


Yep, it's on there, and yep, I'm talking about reviewing that book you just read. I already talked to you about reading, so I know you're doing it, right? Yes, of course you are. Now, that book you just finished? Go review it somewhere. Even if all you do is go to Goodreads and mark it with five stars and write, "I loved it!" (Or 1 star and say, "I hated it!") There are several places you can go to review a book, and you don't have to write an excessive review. Just take the time to put your feelings about the book out there. Good or bad, reviews are important. So many people out there base what book they are going to read on what the reviews have to say about it. So many authors look for your reviews to find out how their audience feels about their writing.

How do you make the time for this in your to do? Well, since we all read at different paces, it's that much simpler. This is not a weekly to do, but it should be on your list regardless. Fit in a time to say something about each book you read. It's only going to take up five minutes max (well unless you feel like you need to write an excessive review-which is okay, it just may take more time.), and you can do it first chance you get after the book is done. My Goodreads and Amazon reviews typically take a total of five minutes to write both. Then, by my choice, I write a blog post about the book. Since I can schedule blogs to post when I choose, it's easy to make time to write up a review on my blog. Point is, authors need to have reviews for their books, and readers need to have the option to check out the reviews before they read the book.

Yes, another short and sweet one. Makes some of my other to do posts look way too long, but it's another easy thing to check off the to do list.

Happy Reviewing :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've gotten better about posting reviews or at least stars on Goodreads.

Kela McClelland said...

Alex- Yeah, I wasn't always so great with them, but I've gotten better. The more involved I get into the writer side of things, the more it makes me want to do them. And even just doing the stars is helpful :)

Kela McClelland said...

I forgot to add, CONGRATS! For your new release: CassaFire. I haven't had a chance to read CassaStar yet, but they're both on my TBR :)