Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Do List: Connect

I know I've said this about some other things on the To Do List, but THIS is the most IMPORTANT thing on your list. Writer or not, everyone needs it.


We all need to connect with other people at some point in our day. We need the support we get from those connections. You may only have one true friend in life, but your acquaintances are important too(heck they may one day turn into people you consider true friends). Support is a vital factor to survive life, it just is.

Connecting with other people is especially important for writers. As a writer, you will have something you want to promote-be it your website, blog, book, or any variety of things. You may even want to promote something for someone else. Even if you're only connected to ten people, it will still aid you in whatever you are trying to get out there. You Tweet or post on your Facebook, two of your followers/friends re-tweet or share your tweet/post and then a few of their friends do the same thing, and so on. Word of mouth is a fantastic way to get yourself out there, and you need to connections to spread the word.

I have not been on Twitter very long, but I love it. I never thought I would, but I do. I've discovered books, online writing conferences, great sites with fun things to do with my kids (@KidsPlay Fun Kids Stuff) and even the IndieGoGo Donation Page to Help Joshua Fight Cancer. The point is, had I stayed away from Twitter, continued to think it was pointless, I would never have found some(if not all) of this stuff. We have to build connections, that's the way the world works.

We need people to support us and people to give our support to. We need people to help us thrive, people to help thrive, people to thrive with us. To accomplish this, you have to jump into the social media pool. Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Klout, and all those many many places to connect with other people. I will not lie and say this is an easy thing to check off your to do, but it is not impossible. The importance means you should schedule time into your day to connect. In even five minutes you could: Follow ten new people on Twitter, re-tweet five Tweets, Post a Tweet, Update you Facebook status, and follow back all your followers. And depending on your internet speed and how fast you are with a computer, you may even have a little time to spare. Five minutes and you've already made numerous connections. So how do you mark this off the to do? How do you not?

Happy Connecting! :)

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