Monday, February 6, 2012

So Much To Do...

As a writer, I can say my to do list each day is massive:

Critiques, writing, revising, reading, connecting, promoting, reviewing, learning, researching, blogging...okay, this list could continue, but I'll stop there. And let's not forget the list that is not writer related. Take kids to school, clean house, cook, homework help, job outside of writing/school for self, time with hubby/significant other, family time, grocery shopping/errand running, school functions, volunteering....again, this list can also go on and on.

What I'm going to do, is address each task, on both lists. I will tackle them, talk about them, and give some tips on how to successfully complete them. I will first take on the writer related to do. Then I will take on the non.

Check out my first topic CRITIQUES on Wednesday, February 8.

Is there something on your writer or non writer to do that you would like me to address, but I don't have listed above? Post in the comments, or Contact Me and I will fit it in there.

Thanks! :)

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