Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Do List: Revise/Edit

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Some of us writers may think this is not on our everyday to do, you're wrong. Revising/editing is something we do daily. You revise your ideas for your next MS, you revise one of your MSs, you run through one of your current WIPs and edit, the blog post you just wrote-you revise/edit it. No matter what the task, editing is going to happen each day.

I myself have a hard time marking this off of my to do list, so I understand that it is definitely a difficult task to accomplish. However, it's not an impossible one. Just like with Write, you also have to automatically set a time for Revise the minute you put it on the to do. Pick what you want to edit for the day, pick when you want to edit, and then do it. Even if you say-I'm going to revise this paragraph, it may not be much, but you have to do it. Our MSs are our masterpieces, usually, and they should be treated as such. If you write something, you can't just think it's brilliant after the first draft, or even the second. My first MS has had so may drafts I lost count. Doesn't make any difference because I want it to be as polished as it can be.

When you are revising a MS, it can be even harder to actually mark this off the list. It's your baby, you are attached and don't want to change a thing. You need to. No one can write a perfect MS the first time round, it's impossible. So, how I said even if it's one paragraph? That's exactly what I mean. Or it could be a few sentences. If you are overwhelmed with just the thought of having to edit anything, it's easier to accomplish if you set your goal low. One paragraph may not be much, but in the end, it'll feel good that you can mark Revise of your to do. And that is the best advice I can give to anyone who struggles with getting this task off of their list-aim for a minimum revision, something you can get done. If you do more than your goal, you'll feel super fantastic, and if all you do is manage that one paragraph, or even those couple of sentences-you'll still feel accomplished because that was the goal for the day.

Make sure your goal is an obtainable one for you. Then set the time, and just do it. When you're feeling like the revisions are sucking you dry-go back to your group and vent or whine. But if you remember the importance of editing your work, it will help you work harder to check this off your list.

Happy Revising :)

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