Thursday, April 16, 2015


Name, number, new, now, nibble...

Necromancer, nub, nymphomaniac

Yes, that's where my thoughts went. Idk what's happening, but I'm not writing about nubs or necromancers or nymphos either.

But because that could easily (for me) turn from something a little inappropriate to nightmarish, I'll go with nightmares.

I find nightmares as facinating as they are frightening. Things that some people could think of as cuddly cuteness could be the most terrifying thing to someone else.

Nightmares are whatever fits at that moment. If nightmares were real things and we had to encounter them, nothing would be safe. This is how my mind works, I'm honestly thinking story idea as I'm thinking about this crap...

It's never ending. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to shut the brain off for a little bit, but then I think it'd be tragic to force myself to not be able to come up with the stories I do.

Anyway, nightmares...They're whatever is necessary at that moment. For me, I have a few nightmares that really get me jumping awake. Any form of, um, let's just say relating with my ex. Any kind of clown. Dolls-mostly just the porcelain ones, but if barbie or a cabbage patch kid cameoed I'd probably wake up screaming just the same. Oh man and spiders. I have the worst nightmares about spiders. Sometimes they're not just tiny arachnids who are just as afraid of us big humans as we are of them. Sometimes they are aliens who can fly. They don't need all of their legs to walk. They think and act more like a person. They freaking talk. It's so creepy. *shivers*

But I know people who dream of unicorns and it's a nightmare to them. Or cats. I can't remember who, but someone told me they can't stop having nightmares about cats. They're not even after them in the nightmare, just there...

A nightmare is there and it's powerful and it's everything it's meant to be-a nightmare. And that's why it's as interesting as it is terrifying.

That's the N for the day. See you later and have an awesome day. :)

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Debra McKellan said...

My nightmares range from people trying to kill me, to just being near whales. They're too big.