Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sucky Shoes

(My S and T post will be back to back since I forgot to post both of them.)

I can't even think of an S post other than suck. Because things just really kinda suck at the moment.

There are a few things that suck right now, but the top of my suck list is-FedEx delivered my shoes to the wrong freaking house.

I've needed new shoes for about a year or so. I've been wearing the same one pair of shoes that I'm down to until they aren't even connected to the sole all the way. And after standing in the flooding basement of Aim High the night of the tornado, I can't seem to get the mildewy smell completely out. I know I could've just gone to the store and bought a cheap pair (although the K-Swiss I bought were only 40 bucks each and most shoes aren't that cheap), I wanted K-Swiss because that's what I buy and they always last. The cheaper shoes would've needed replaced within months of constant wear so I thought it made more sense to gather up money for the K-Swiss.

So, not only did FedEx deliver my much needed shoes, but they weren't just some BS cheapy pair of shoes. And I've been waiting for them. And it flat out sucks.

This is when I try to pull it together and have some sort of opptimistic outlook on it all. It could be worse as in something life/death. I could have worse issues than needing a new pair of shoes that didn't get delivered like it said. (Like the people in Sand Springs, OK who are dealing with a lot more than their only pair of shoes being sucky). FedEx is looking into what happened. I'm going to call K-Swiss and let them know in case there is something to be done on their end. And hopefully whatever happened to my package will be fixed and I'll get my shoes. Or at least maybe a refund or equal replacement.

So, sucky as it is. That's my S for you. T coming in a few and then back to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow morning with U.

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