Monday, April 20, 2015

Quietly Please

Quite honestly coming up with a Q word was hard, but I've settled on...


It's something I miss. There are times at night when I stay awake so late just to have some peace and quiet. I knew when I had kids that quiet would be something I'd long for and rarely get. I didn't realize how much I would seriously miss the silence.

I long for silence and I don't usually like that. I was always someone who needed some sort of background noise. And now there are times when I'm driving without my kids (something rarer than the quiet moments I get) and I don't even turn on any music. I just drive in silence. And it's so nice.

I love my kids, but man sometimes I think how nice it's going to be when they're a little older and want to be quiet and away from me. I know, I'll regret it when the day gets here. That's why I don't wish for it and why I try not to long for it. But I do long for more quiet times.

Hope you're all having a great day. See you later. :)


J Hanna said...

I think you will miss this time when they are older. I am not a mother, but I miss when my niece and nephew were young and wanted to talk to me. Now they are teenagers and are just into their own thing.

betty said...

Visiting from A/Z; I love quiet. I always enjoyed the first day of school from summer vacation when the house was quiet. I do like the quiet I have now, but I sure miss the kids around. Hope you can get a bit of quiet here and there :)