Saturday, April 11, 2015

Joker's Joyous Journey

I'm not really sure how my title fits in, but anyway...

J made me think of happy things, laughter especially. I like to laugh and it always feels so good. Especially when something really hits me and I get that can't catch my breath, laughing so hard I'm crying, cheeks actually hurting sort of laugh. I love those. Not enough to want them to happen too frequently, but I love having them.

What makes me feel better is when I share that laughter with others I care about. Watching my kids crack up with me is great.

Like the day before Easter when my 7 year old and I were walking down the Easter aisle at Reasor's. I paused in front of the cards, but I'm paying attention to the shelves across and suddenly she's laughing. And not just a chuckle, she was really laughing. So, I turn and look at her and she's got this card in her hand.

When I asked her what the card said that was so funny she showed it to me because she was laughing too hard to read it to me. The card was funny. It made me laugh. On the front of the card there are two chocolate balls. On the inside it said something like, "When you see the chocolate Easter bunny, tell him I found his balls." It was genuinely funny, but then I had to stop and wonder why my 7 year old was laughing about it. She said because it's so funny. I said, yeah, but what do you think it means. She read the card again and stopped laughing. Then she said that's gross and put it back and was upset that she laughed. When I asked why she said, "I thought it was his poop, not his dangly things."

I laughed a little more and then told her I'd rather her keep thinking poop and not dangly things because I don't even want to know how she knows much of anything about boys having dangling things considering we're a house full of girls.

All inappropriateness aside though, it was funny and it made us laugh. It made my mom laugh when I got to share the story with her later. Made my dad laugh of course. And then it made my sister laugh.

So I guess my title comes from jokes bringing joy which is so important on our journey through life.

That is that, hope you have (and are having) a great weekend. See you Monday. :)

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