Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Learning Lessons

Dang, I didn't even realize I hadn't done my L post...Sorry y'all, my third grader had testing the last couple days and I forgot all about blogging. (Probably could find a little humor in the fact that I'm a little late with this post.)

Learning Lessons

This word or I guess words came to mind I'm sure mostly because of school stuff. Since my kids are in an online program, it's still structured to a point. They still get to work at their own pace for the most part, but still have a certain amount of lessons they need done each week. But they get to work ahead if they want and that's what all three of us want.

The last day of school is supposed to be May 29th, but we're aiming to be done by the end of April. And I figure even if they don't get all their lessons done in every subject, they're going to have most of them done and won't have to work much. Then we'll get to enjoy the nice weather that's going to be here soon and not have to sit at the computer all day.

So, lessons are taking up a good part of the day. And if it's not school lessons then it's gymnastics, music, or hip-hop. Plus my 8 year old has decided to ignore anything I say left and right so I keep having to give her reminder lessons on how to behave.

I realize though that lessons are something I've had to give and receive frequently in all my years. Lessons are all about learning. We come out learning. We learn to survive outside of our mother's womb. We learn to cry, eat/drink...then we learn to scoot, crawl, sit up, stand up, and walk. From there we just keep learning more and more. As life goes on we learn how to be toddlers, then children, onto preteens, and then teenagers. Oh man and then adults.

I think adulthood is the toughness lesson of them all. Learning to be responsible or face the negative consequences of our action. Learning that we're now grown up and can be punished according.

Whether the lessons are good or bad or just necessity, they're a part of our entire life. We're going to always have something to learn.

That's that. M will be back to my regular scheduled AM post. Catch you later. Have a great night. :)

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Debra McKellan said...

I feel like I'm learning more lessons in adulthood than I ever did as a child.