Friday, April 24, 2015

Too True

Truthfully it was tough to think of a T word. (Hard to believe with all those Ts there, huh?)

When I think of T, true/truth/truthful comes to mind. I'm horrible at lying. I don't like it, I feel bad about it when I do. I'm the kind of person who has been lied to enough in my life that nothing can hurt more than a lie.

Speaking truth is really easier. It's something that can't come back around to bite you in the ass later. If you're honest, there's no made up story (or stories) you have to keep straight. I'm even horrible about those 'little white lies'. I'd rather just not do it.

Truth can be painful, it can cause irreversible pain. But not the way a lie can. It's because truth is immediate. It's like ripping off a bandaide. You think you want it slow and easy, but you know damn good and well if you rip that sucker off, it'll be so much better.

If you're a person who can/does lie, you know. You know what that feels like to carry around. I've lied before. When I was young and stupid and thought it was better that way. I know I'm still not so old, but old enough to know better. I learned as I watched my world fall apart from lies I was told. I learned when my feelings of betrayal broke me from the inside out.

Lies ruin trust. Without trust no relationship of any kind can survive. Once you tell a lie, you ruin any chance at a completely truthful relationship. Whether it's a co-worker or lover, friend or sibling, a relationship that has even one lie in it ruins something.

The truth will truly set you free. It's not a BS saying, it's the best way to live.

Have a great night (well I guess it's technically Friday morning, but) if you're not already in bed, have a good night. See you for my U post tomorrow(/later). :)

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